Definition of a distributed system

Def. of a distributed system(분산시스템의 정의)
A distributed system is a collection of independent computers that appears to its users as a single coherent system.
분산시스템은 각각의 컴퓨터들이 모인 하나의 시스템인데 분산시스템의 사용자들은 이 시스템을 하나의 시스템으로 느끼게 된다.

Important characteristic
One important characteristic is that differences between the various computers and the ways in which they communicate are hidden from users.
Another important characteristic is that users and applications can interact with a distributed system in a consistent and uniform way, regardless of where an when interaction take place.

In this section we discuss four important goals that should be met to make building a distributed system worth the effort
1. A distributed system should easily connect users to resources
2. it should hide the fact that resources are distributed across a network
3. it should be open
4. it should be scalable

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